Nov. 21, 2023

Annual Holiday Craft Workshop


The 2023 holiday craft workshop will be held Tuesday, December 12 for all lower school students.
This long standing lower school Lake Ridge tradition is held in our very own winter wonderland (Bettcher Convocation Center). This event is entirely put on by parent volunteers to help get the students in holiday spirit and offer the opportunity for students to make homemade gifts for family members and friends this holiday season.

Students will go to Bettcher by grade for 45 minutes on this special day to make the crafts they have preselected and purchased from the parent’s association. Students will go to Bettcher regardless of the fact if they have purchased crafts or not. Crafts samples are available in the lower school lobby to view now through the deadline of November 28th

New this year:
All parents MUST COMPLETE A FORM to purchase crafts OR to decline purchasing crafts by Tuesday, November 28th. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to access the form.)

When completing the form, if you are purchasing crafts, you must select the qty you would like to purchase. If you are not purchasing that craft for your student please enter 0.

Due to the limited availability of supplies and the preparation required by the parent crafters, we will be keeping a strict deadline of Tuesday, November 28th for all orders

5th Grade Philanthropy Featured Craft

This year our 5th graders will be leading a craft table with a featured craft. This craft was selected and designed by the students and will cost $10, with all proceeds going to the 5th grade annual philanthropy project. 5th graders will still craft on their own during their grade’s time.


Please read our FAQ sections for answers to the frequently asked questions regarding Holiday craft workshop.

When is the deadline to order crafts?
Tuesday, November 28th

If I have more than one student, do I need to do separate order forms?
Yes, each student requires their own order forms and checkout so we can ensure each student has their own crafts wrapped and sent home with them.

How long will my student have to craft?
Each grade will be in Bettcher for a 45 minute window.

When will my student’s crafts come home?
All crafts will come home with the students on Tuesday, December 12th or Wednesday, December 13th depending on how long it takes for a students’ items to dry. They will be gift wrapped and all ready to hand out this holiday season to family and friends.

Are all crafts holiday themed?
No! There are several crafts you can make that have a winter or Lake Ridge theme.

How many crafts should my student plan to make?
You know your student best. Each craft takes roughly 7-10 minutes on average. We do not restrict the number of crafts a child can make, but they will be limited to the time their grade is scheduled.

You do not need to order every craft, but to check out you MUST enter 0 for the ones you are not purchasing.

Will crafts sell out?
Due to supply limits, our crafters have verified how many supplies they can obtain, so some crafts are subject to sell out. Please purchase your crafts early to avoid losing the chance to make their favorite craft.

Can parents attend?
If you are interested in attending, a schedule for times of each grade will be coming out, so you can stop by Bettcher when your child’s grade is making crafts.

Can I volunteer to help?
If you are interested in helping out, we do have available slots open for Monday, December 11th (setup), Tuesday, December 12th (all day while students are in school) and Tuesday, December 12th (takedown right after school).

It truly takes a village to put this event on. We have (40) volunteers working behind the scenes and are still in need of a few more to help out. Please reach out to us at if you are interested in any of these time slots, so we can get you further information.

My child has allergies, will there be food with any crafts?
There is no food, but dog/cat treats will be used in the pet jar craft.

Oh no! My child is absent and won’t be able to attend school that day. How do I get their crafts?
If your child is absent, we will be preparing an at home bag of the crafts they ordered which will go home with the teacher. Most supplies will be included (excluding items that are group based like paint brushes) for them to make their projects at home.

What are the proceeds used for?
The parents association uses the funds to cover the cost of holding this event, including crafting supplies, gift wrap, website processing fees, outside of the 5th grade featured philanthropic craft. If anything is donated, the funds will be used to support the parents association in our various areas. 

More questions? Contact us at

Don’t forget: All parents MUST COMPLETE A FORM to purchase crafts OR to decline purchasing crafts by Tuesday, November 28th.