Aug. 25, 2021

Fall Mumkins Sale



FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24th 2:30-5:00pm – Pickup will take place in the parking lot located by the US and track, just past Bettcher.

Lake Ridge Academy’s Parents’ Association in collaboration with the Upper School’s DaVinci House is launching our second annual Fall Mumkin Sale! Our goal is to raise $5,000.00 to help benefit our school. The PA sponsors wonderful programs for our students, teachers, school, and community, including Education Grants for teachers, MS Dances, Senior Luncheon, LS Picnic, Parent Education Sessions, and more! The DaVinci House is raising money for homecoming.

Volunteer to help here –

We have chosen Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse in Dover, Ohio to help us raise our funds this year. Attached to this letter is a flyer showcasing their amazing Fall Mums! All ordering will be done ONLINE! Orders will be tracked via student. 

How to order:

Lower school: we have provided you with your child’s code on letter sent home. Go to and click on “online shopping” then enter your code. If you want to share with others, lose the code or it does not work please follow the instructions are the to get to your child’s unique code through the website.

Middle and Upper School:

Prizes provided on delivery day:

  • 1 – Peace, Love and Little Donuts free donut
  • 5 – LRA mood pencil
  • 10 – LRA frisbee
  • 15 – Fall perennial lily – (on back of brochure)
  • 20 – LRA Vinyl Sticker
  • 30 – Ice Cream gift card
  • 40 – Main Event gift card
  • 50 – Amazon gift card (on back of brochure)

Pickup Information:

  • Friday, September 24th – Your flowers arrive at Lake Ridge Academy! Pick up time is from 2:30pm- 5pm. Pickup will take place in the parking lot located by the US and track, just past Bettcher.
  • Please note: Families are responsible for picking up all plants ordered under their student code. If you are unable to pick up your plants on this date and time, please contact for help. Friends or family may pick up in your absence.    
  • We recommend bringing plastic or a towel to put down in your car when picking up the plant.

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